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Real Estate Broker Fee and Commission-Split Comparison Chart

The fees (commission-split) that other real estate brokers “might” charge agents listed below are an approximation, and are not intended to identify any broker, or reflect the exact fees that a broker charges an agent.

The chart below is an example of our broker fees (commission-split) that we charge our agents. Our broker fees are published to encourage “fee transparency” between real estate brokers and agents.

Example Sale:

The sales price is based on a sale of $300,000.00 U.S., at 6% commission charged to seller ($18,000.00), and the real estate agent also brought the buyer. Additionally, the chart is based on one year, so desk fees, real estate association membership fees, MLS fees, and other fees can be calculated easier.

o Does your broker have ridiculous multi-level payment methods?

o Does your broker publish their fees and commission-splits on the internet for all to see or are they too embarrassed to do so?

o Does your broker make you chase a carrot?

Below is the sum that we may take from our real estate agents.

Total Commission Fee $18,000.00
Other Broker
I’m the Broker
Association Membership Fee (3 Combined)
$               800.00$                       0.00
1. National: National Association of Realtor
2. State: Florida
3. Local MLS: Note, we have our own MLS.
Broker Desk Fee$               600.00$                       0.00
Error & Omission Insurance$               250.00$                      0.00
Commission Split  
Commission Fee Split 80%/20% (per sale)
$            3,600.00 
Commission Fee Split 3% (per sale)
 $                540.00
Transaction Forms (May soon be $0.00)  $                  50.00
Annual Recurring Fee (skin-in-the-game) $                250.00
Broker Fee  $            5250.00$                840.00
Total Commission Fee
$         18,000.00$           18,000.00
$ Agent Keeps$         12,750.00$           17,160.00
% Agent Keeps$                  0.71$                    0.95