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Currently 194 professional real estate agents and brokers have joined us.


Welcome and thank you for your interest in (“Website”). The Website is a Virtual Office Website (“VOW”) and is owned and operated by Home For Sale Miami, FL, Inc., (“Company”). We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs. We are a professional real estate brokerage, and our principal place of business is in Miami South Beach, Florida. We cover the entire state of Florida. Our VOW can be accessed from anywhere in the world so long as there is an internet connection. The Company’s branded VOW is an interactive, real estate cloud-based platform that offers a unique suite of on-demand real estate services, including our privately-operated (“MLS”) that allows real estate brokers/agents and the public alike to negotiate, edit, download, upload, create, share real estate data, and sign documents and contracts on-line (“Services”).

We introduced a new market of “shared” eCommerce opportunities 24/7 to brokers/agents and the public alike through our VOW.

Best of all, happy, fairly compensated agents — called “smart agents” — who have wisely chosen our viable alternative to the typical real estate model, are motivated to give their all to the renters, buyers and sellers they represent.


We are the modern alternative to the traditional real estate brokerage. Unlike the traditional real estate model, our unique structure allows the professional real estate agent greater freedom and more success in running their own business.


We are the inevitable result of an extraordinary effort to be “the” alternative solution to the outdated real estate industry, which is anything but normal.


To do an incredible job of crafting cultures that attract, foster, and reward the best minds in the real estate industry.


  1. We own and operate our own independent MLS.

      Our MLS covers the entire state of Florida.

      Our MLS is free for all agents, brokers, and the public to search to find your                listings.

  1. We participate in another MLS.

      The MLS covers (generally), north of Key West, to north of Port St. Lucie, west,          to about Naples. A huge geographical area.

      The MLS is free for all agents, brokers, and the public to search to find your                listings.


We get about one million (1,000,000.00) hits every month.


We send out email advertisements at about 28 emails per second. On a recurring monthly basis, we deliver about 500,000 emails to the inboxes of real estate agents and brokers. We call this our “Speedy E-Mail Blast Service.” The service is currently free to all our agents and brokers.


The client benefits from our model since we are not encumbered by large firm protocols and are free to exert more control over our own marketing, advertising techniques and budgets. Our company prides itself on being a “yes” environment, where all its brokers and professional real estate agents are on the same level playing field and given equal access to resources and opportunities.

We make ourselves readily accessible to our professional real estate agents and brokers, who can also use our virtual office website services as often, or as little, as they like. This individualized approach helps professional real estate agents and brokers achieve their goals while making an intelligent use of today’s technological advances such as our virtual office website. Here, they have the resources to conduct their job and are better allocated for success.


Hands-on guidance is a hallmark of the experience we provide. We are readily available to provide technology and tools to facilitate deals, and to guide the agents and brokers through the pricing, negotiation and closing processes. We launched a comprehensive professional real estate agent and broker-oriented concierge service within our virtual office website to create a professional streamlined experience for the agents and brokers. We are always accessible to guide agents and brokers through pricing negotiations and brainstorm ways to market and advertise properties.


Training and coaching is our priority whether you are a newly licensed agent or broker or veteran. We appreciate all professional real estate agents and brokers, and we are readily available to each one of them.

Our brokerage’s progressive approach to be the modern alternative to the traditional real estate brokerage has caught the attention of professional real estate agents and brokers, homeowners, renters, and even the mainstream media.