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 No Attorney-Client Privilege Formed
Updated 1.11.2020


Welcome and thank you for your interest in (“Website”). The Website is owned and operated by Home For Sale Miami, FL, Inc., (“Company”). We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs.

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Conflict of a Term

In the event of a conflict between any provision of the Terms, the most limiting provision, language, or Term will govern, but only to the extent of the conflict.

No Attorney-Client Privilege Formed

Two Independent Businesses

Steven Lamar Thompson, Esq., (CNMI) is responsible for the content of (“Website”) and is the qualifying Florida licensed real estate broker for Home For Sale Miami, FL, Inc., (“Company”). Note that Steven Lamar Thompson, Esq., and the Company are two independent (stand-alone) businesses, and no merger of the two is intended. The content of this website is intended to convey general information related to real estate transactions.

Company’s Website and Principal Place of Business

No attorney-client privilege is intended or formed from any communication to or from the Company website. No attorney-client privilege is intended or formed from any communication sent to or from the Company’s principal place of business by U.S. Mail, by courier, or otherwise. No communication in any form between you and the Company is an offer to represent you, nor is the communication intended to create an attorney‑client privilege. This includes the content of any unsolicited communication (e.g., email; text; phone call; 24/7 chat; and blog). A communication in any form between you and the Company “is intended” to be in the presence of a third party or read by a third party, in the presence of strangers or read by strangers, or made in a public place where you could be overheard; therefore, a communication to or from the Company in any form is not intended to create an attorney-client privilege.

Additionally, a communication to or from the Company is not for the purpose of providing you with an opinion on law, legal services, or assistance in some legal proceeding. Any communication to or from the Company will not be interpreted that you are/were seeking legal advice, nor will it be construed that legal advice was provided to you in any way whatsoever.

No assurance of the completeness, comprehensiveness, correctness, or currency of the information included in this website is given. The materials and information presented in this website are not legal advice and should not be relied upon or construed as legal advice. The information provided in this website does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Company’s Affiliates (Third Parties)

The act of sending an email to someone affiliated with the Company, or submitting information via an electronic or written form, does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Conflict of Interest

Furthermore, I cannot represent anyone unless I know that doing so would not be a conflict of interest or would require me to practice law in states or courts where I am not licensed to practice or give advice. Accordingly, please do not send me information about representing you in a potential legal matter unless you first cleared the matter with me. Any unsolicited communication without proper authorization may not be treated as privileged or confidential.

Website Links

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