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Our Proprietary Go Green Home.

Earth’s Answer to Net-Zero is a Futuristic

100% Off-Grid Home Powered by Neutrinos.

~ Steven Lamar Thompson, Esq. ~

June 17, 2020

General Information


o Powering the future with high-performance building design.

NeutrinoCNO provides the answer to Earth’s megatrend for sustainability and resiliency goals of net-zero in ways that ensure lasting protection of Earth’s air, water, and land, and the health, safety, and welfare of “all” life, while generating societal and economic benefits.

It is NeutrinoCNO’s complete package of components all under one roof, all working in sync with each other that comprises its unique high-performance characteristics that promotes sustainability and resiliency of net-zero.

NeutrinoCNO does not cause a harmful amount of (nil to none)

(1) carbon dioxide (CO2) to be emitted into the Earth’s air;

(2) effluent to be dripped into the Earth’s land and water; and

(3) methane gas (CH4) from landfills to be released into the Earth’s air.

NeutrinoCNO does not require any connections to centralized (city utility providers) electric, water, gas and sewer services (it may be connected if wanted). NeutrinoCNO is 100% self-sufficient off-grid in primary locations. Specially note that NeutrinoCNO’s toilet is very high-tech, modern, and waterless. It does not flush, so it does not require a septic system that may leak harmful toxic effluent into Earth’s land and water. Also specially note that NeutrinoCNO utilizes a unisex urinal. The urinal is also very high-tech, modern, and waterless.

o The climate, poverty, hunger, and homeless crisis is immense.

NeutrinoCNO is a 365 day, 100% off-grid, intelligent smart home that meets International Building Code Standards. The architectural blueprints include NeutrinoCNO’s on-site, innovative “high-performance” mini-utility and food systems. NeutrinoCNO intends to deliver a “free” source of 100% renewable: (1) electricity with energy storage; (2) potable water; (3) food; (4) biogas back-up; and (5) provide sanitation and hygiene “all under one roof” to not just to a few people for a while but to everyone forever that requires a fundamental shift in the way we all think and work together, globally, to obtain net-zero.

o The on-site mini-utility and food systems may be adapted for use in other homes where applicable.

o A powerful global off-grid, net-zero, single-family, smart home movement.

o When the centralized grid is interrupted, you will not be.

NeutrinoCNO is a futuristic living solution requiring absolutely nothing from centralized utilities (“grid”). So, when the grid is interrupted, you still have all the modern high-tech conveniences that will provide for your basic essentials of life, when others are in the dark. All the utilities that you need are directly integrated into NeutrinoCNO (on-site mini-utility systems) and completely autonomous, including water, electricity, heating, and sewage. No propane tanks or firewood is required. Also, NeutrinoCNO grows its own self-sustainable food source. NeutrinoCNO provides you with the flexibility to live independently in many primary locations and be free from ever paying for utility bills and some food sources ever again. So, say goodbye to energy and sewage bills, and some food bills.

o The principles of building science and best-practice solutions.

NeutrinoCNO showcases the future of the home-built off-grid environment: a high-performance home so energy efficient that its annual energy use can easily be offset with renewable energy. NeutrinoCNO is the opportunity to help take off-grid home-builds to the next level through a variety of advancements, including making them more affordable for families; incorporating off-grid-interactive technologies; improving construction productivity; providing greater comfort and healthier indoor environments; and optimizing operational efficiency with resilient solutions that will stand the test of time.

NeutrinoCNO’s high-performance building design includes comprehensive building science, energy efficiency, optimized mechanical systems, indoor air quality, resilience, water conservation, and its own self-sustainable food source. These attributes will ultimately succeed in terms of the human experience: affordability, comfort, health, durability, safety, and adequate renewable resources.


o General helpful information.

Square Footage. 2,560 sq`+/- (can all be under air conditioning). The 1280 sq’ +/- second floor is designed to be open-plan and the main living quarters. The second floor has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and living room. The 1280 sq’ +/- first floor basically mirrors the second floor and is designed to be secondary living quarters or a business subject to zoning regulations.

o What foundation do I need?

NeutrinoCNO does not need a standard foundation. So, it is possible to live in any location you have ever dreamed of. NeutrinoCNO sits on small concrete pillars to tie it down and make it level.

Footprint. L 40’ x W 32’ x H 24’ (+/-)

Occupants. 4 Adults with efficient use of resources, in a primary location.

Primary Location. Where there is 5 hours of direct exposure to the full sun daily, and 54 inches of annual rainfall (includes snow). Note that less of each simply means less occupants.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is architecturally designed to be (ADA) Compliant.

Luxury Living. NeutrinoCNO is a luxurious, high-quality living environment. The design creates the perfect harmony between nature and architecture – clean, timeless, dignified. NeutrinoCNO is not just a house – it’s a way of life.

o How about energy, water, sewage, and food source?

NeutrinoCNO is self-sustainable off-the-grid. It does not need to be connected to centralized utilities such as electricity, water, or sewage, and it comes equipped to provide a renewable food source. (e.g., vegetables, fish). It does not require propane, natural gas, firewood, or any other fuel as an energy source. NeutrinoCNO could be connected to centralized utilities, if wanted. NeutrinoCNO focuses on sustainability and resiliency goals of net-zero for each of its on-site mini-utilities (i.e., decentralized utilities). NeutrinoCNO may make your life more comfortable everywhere without limits and without paying for energy, water, sewage bills, and some vegetable and fish, saving you substantial yearly costs.

o NeutrinoCNO may double as a business for profit (where permitted).

NeutrinoCNO with a learned mind at the helm may even make a profit. The owner may sell the excess energy, water, and food (where permitted). It can be a cozy guest home, a dream vacation home, a business, or a unit for rent (either floor). A rental or either floor “may” provide enough income to live on the floor for free.

o What is inside NeutrinoCNO?

NeutrinoCNO is designed for comfort. It is pre-equipped with everything you need to meet the basic necessities of life (security, food, shelter, and free utilities).

o What are the on-site mini-utility systems and how does each one work?

Home For Sale Miami, FL, Inc, (“Company”) has developed through substantial effort, research, time, and expense certain inventions, design concepts, methodologies, technical know-how, copyrightable material and trade secrets (intellectual property, “IP”) directed and related to NeutrinoCNO, including its mini-utilities and sustainable food systems, all of which when integrated comprises its unique high-performance characteristics that promotes sustainability and resiliency of net-zero that constitute valuable business assets of Company, and as such, are entitled to protection as confidential information for the moment.

What we can tell you is that each system is environmentally sound (go green) and requires almost no maintenance, and a responsible teenager could maintain and operate each system without issue or supervision. NeutrinoCNO’s systems are mainly categorized as:

(1) supply 1: natural resources (water: pre-filter, disinfection-storage);

(2) supply 2: natural resources (energy);

(3) demand 1-20 (+/-): point-of-use (potable water, hot water);

(4) post-demand disbursement (greywater, greywater hybrid, urine, and blackwater); and

(5) food source.

o NeutrinoCNO is smart.

NeutrinoCNO can connect wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and make them work together. Major systems – including security – can be managed remotely. A cloud-based monitoring and central diagnostic system can locate maintenance issues before they manifest. NeutrinoCNO may be connected to your mobile phone or tablet 24/7, wherever you are.

o How does NeutrinoCNO differ from other homes?

Mobile. It can be constructed in “most” locations anywhere, anytime.

Complete. There is little onsite preparation. Basically, NeutrinoCNO requires a few concrete pillars to attach to.

Speedy Construction. Bolted and screwed steel buildings go up faster than traditional methods and allow for building in the most unforgiving, smallest, and remote locations.

o NeutrinoCNO’s steel building structure.

Superior Strength. Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material. It is flexible, straight, non-porous, durable, lightweight, and maintains dimensional stability.

Fire Resistant. Steel does not burn.

Safe. The steel frame is safer for hurricanes and earthquakes.

No Termites or Mold. Steel does not harbor mold, bacteria and termites. You can avoid regular chemical treatments, insecticides which cause disease among humans, and the cost of extermination fees. The steel frame helps prevent mold in three ways. First, the framing itself is inorganic, so mold cannot feed on steel like it does lumber. Second, steel does not hold moisture like wood does, so mold is less likely to occur.

Reduced Waste. There is typically much less waste using steel versus wood buildings.

Cleaner Indoor Air. The steel frame eliminates the lumber and asphalt materials used in standard construction methods that create off-gassing of glues and create poor indoor air quality.

Sustainable. Structural steel can be recycled back into new steel products, with no loss of its physical properties. As such, structural steel is not just recycled but “multi-cycled,” as it can be recycled over and over and over again.

o How can I use NeutrinoCNO?

NeutrinoCNO can be used as a primary residence, a vacation home, a guest home, studio, or income-producing secondary dwelling – like a rental — or as an autonomous hotel unit (where applicable).

o Where can I construct NeutrinoCNO?

Think mountain-top, ocean-front, remote forest, etc. Also, consider global disaster areas (aid administration, temporary or military housing).

o How much will NeutrinoCNO cost me?

NeutrinoCNO intends to be an affordable living option for most budgets. The pricing option and special offers can be found here soon. We are currently working on the cost and are very hopeful that the monthly cost will be much cheaper than paying rent for similar sq’ footage.

o NeutrinoCNO makes for a beautiful home.

NeutrinoCNO is equipped with all the comforts of a modern home. Premium materials combine to create a safe and inviting house that is a delight to share. Every modern convenience has been incorporated into the home, creating a house that has the look and feel of a luxury super home. All electrical, digital, and utility systems are integrated to function seamlessly and autonomously in the background, so you will never have to give them a second thought.

o How long can NeutrinoCNO be inhabited without replenishing / emptying the water and sewage system?

In primary locations, 4 adults may easily live in NeutrinoCNO off-grid all year round with mindful attention paid to efficient use of the available natural resources that are available. No external connections or system pump-outs are necessary (e.g., septic system). NeutrinoCNO does not require a septic system. All systems required for comfortable living have already been seamlessly integrated into NeutrinoCNO and are designed to run independently with little to no maintenance.

o What is the construction time?

After the building permit is issued by the local government agency it should only take about 3 months or less to construct. A purchaser may construct NeutrinoCNO by hiring sub-contractors to keep the construction cost to a minimum. It is quick and easy to construct. Primarily, we provide the architectural blueprints, and the list of components that make-up NeutrinoCNO’s unique high-performance qualities.

o I live outside the US. Can I still buy NeutrinoCNO?

Yes! It is possible to construct NeutrinoCNO outside the US, subject to the locations building code requirements. We made a good faith effort to use International Building Code Standards. Everything that you need for construction is readily available. We provide the architectural blueprints, and the list of components.

o Can I customize NeutrinoCNO?

Yes, you can customize. Basically, we provide the architectural blueprints, and the list of essential materials, components, equipment, fixtures, fittings and finishes that should be included in NeutrinoCNO that makes-up NeutrinoCNO’s unique high-performance qualities. Another words we provide the architectural blueprints and the list of components and the basic cost (+/-) of the components that comprise NeutrinoCNO. You can paint different colors, etc. However, you should not alter the uniqueness of NeutrinoCNO’s high-performance qualities.

o How does the ordering process work?

Simply pay for the architectural blueprints.

o What is included in the price?

The architectural blueprints, and the list of required components that comprise NeutrinoCNO’s high-performance qualities that should not be compromised.

o Generally, what are the additional costs?

In addition to purchasing the blueprints and the essential components to construct NeutrinoCNO the costs include building permits, site excavation, foundation construction (i.e., concrete pillars), utility hook-ups (where appropriate), final painting and finishes and any other site improvements like decks, landscaping and driveways, etc.

o Do you offer financing?

We would like to offer financing and are in currently in the process of obtaining a banking partner. You can finance NeutrinoCNO just like you would any other new construction home that meets building code requirements.

o Are there any rebates and incentives to harvest rainwater and install solar panels?

Rainwater Harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is encouraged in some states within the US, with tax incentives and rebates being offered by several local municipalities.

Solar Panels. Government Incentives. There are many public programs designed to help finance your solar project. Programs exist that can help finance your project, generate income from the energy they produce and lower your tax burden after installation. Solar panel installation may reduce the amount that is required to qualify for a loan because there are solar panel installation companies that may offer independent financing.