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Agent's Onboarding Promotion

Free 6 months of onboarding. (Promotion)

 Normally, we charge brokers/agents the following fees.

 $250.00 Company Recurring Annual Fee,

 $50.00 Transactional Documents Annual Fee (We pay a third party for the Transactional Documents, Annual Fee $50.00), and

 3% of broker’s /agents %. That’s it! No BS!

○ Promotion offer for free 6 months of onboarding expires 3/16/2020!

○ We will stop onboarding agents when our quota is met.

○ Free onboarding for 6 months. The free 6 months start on 3/16/2020 and automatically ends 180 calendar days later. You agree that during the free 6 months that the Company’s Fee Schedule applies to all sales/ advertisements.

○ Upon the 180th day, you agree that the promotion has ended for free 6 months of onboarding, and that the Independent Contractor Agreement that you executed will automatically commence (i.e., you will be charged according to the Independent Contractor Agreement to start a new year, and the Company’s Fee Schedule, and further irrevocably agree that the Terms have been made readily available to you at and are “incorporated by reference” into this Offer).

What support do I get?

Steven Lamar Thompson, Esq., (CNMI) will be available to you 24/7 (be reasonable lol).

○ Steven Lamar Thompson, Esq., is responsible for the content of this Website.

○ Steven L. Thompson is the qualifying Florida licensed real estate broker.

○ No communication to or from this Website creates an attorney-client privilege.

It’s quick and easy to onboard with us.

STEP 1: Free 6 Months Onboarding Fee

Make $50.00 payment to Pay Pal (We pay a third party for the Transactional Documents, Annual Fee $50.00).


After Pay Pal payment is made you will be redirected to the Independent Contractor Agreement for you to complete. Complete the autofill Independent Contractor Agreement. Before you begin you will need the following saved so you can easily upload:

(a) An image of your current Driver’s License,

(b) A copy of your voided check (your bank may provide you with a printout), and

(c) Your bank branch, routing and account number.


Complete our background check. That’s it!

To start a background check, you will be asked for your legal name, email address, Social Security Number, date of birth, and current home address. The digital consent process keeps the entire process quick, easy, and accurate. Please click the link to run your Basic background check here. You will be prompted to purchase the background check for $15.00 (no additional fees). The Basic background check will run a Social Security Number Trace (SSN), Sex Offender List Search and a National Criminal Database Search. Once the report is purchased, you will be notified when your results are ready by e-mail. Home For Sale Miami, FL, Inc., will be provided with a copy.


○ Subject to Company’s approval of your Independent Contractor Agreement, the Company will transfer your real estate license to Home For Sale Miami, FL, Inc., which should post on the DBPR website within minutes. You should check that your license transfered.

○ After completing the Independent Contractor Agreement you will be automatically directed to register for our platform. After the simple registration, you will be able to create your profile.

○ After you create your profile: (a) you will be able to enter the details and upload images, etc., for all of your bonafide property listings to our free public access MLS, and (2) we will approve you as an agent and direct you to the agents page to upload your personal info and photo, etc.

○ You will be provided with a Company email address to use “only” for company business.