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$5000.00 (1st year)
(Then $500 yearly)




o We are the “new normal” in real estate sales. That’s a very big deal!

o Through our State of Florida Real Estate Cloud Syndication (“Syndication”) and Virtual Office Website (platform, “VOW”), we provide sensible modern alternatives to the draconian real estate sales system for real estate brokers/agents and the public alike to benefit equally (the fair shake for all).

o We are seeking real estate brokers licensed in the State of Florida (and other states and territories) who are aspiring entrepreneurs and marketing professionals that are like-minded who will do a kick-ass job to continue crafting cultures to advance equality, and “newer” innovative real estate sales strategies that attract, foster, and reward the best minds in the real estate industry.

o Innovative real estate sales strategies means to use our services in ways that we did not think of. For example, the Licensee may hire a marketing company to specifically market the Make Owner Sell (MOS) category to drive revenue, or any other categories.


o We provide a very unique and compelling opportunity for those like-minded real estate brokers licensed in the State of Florida to purchase a license to use (“LTU”) a “clone” of our VOW that’s intended to kickstart newer innovative eCommerce strategies and build a thriving real estate business in their Florida County of licensure. The clone is operated as a separate entity; yet, benefits by linking to our Syndication.

o Generally, a separate entity means that Licensee is solely responsible to hire employees and independent contractors (brokers/agents) and pay for their own running costs to operate the clone (e.g., corporation, taxes, insurances, licenses, office address, vendors, staff, etc.).

o There are 67 counties in the State of Florida, and Miami is where we operate our VOW, so, it’s not available for licensure.

o It’s a unique business opportunity in the State of Florida because there are only 66 licenses available for the remaining 66 counties. Therefore, only 66 brokers may obtain a LTU a clone of our VOW (one license per county, on a first come, first serve basis).

o Our VOW and the 66 independent clones seamlessly link to each other to create our Syndication, a closed-loop-system. The real estate related data from our VOW and the 66 independent clones is intended to stay within the closed-loop-system and is not permitted to be transferred outside of the system where the value and integrity of the data may diminish substantially, unless Licensee obtains the Company’s express written consent.

o Our VOW (and clone) is built for online customer relationships, 24/7. Meeting customers in the moment is the ultimate way to win. We deliver that because we are oriented to an always on business model that’s open to real estate brokers/agents and the public alike to benefit equally.

o Start now to capitalize and monetize with your own independent ready-made real estate business by purchasing a license now to lock-in your fee. Sincerely, do it now because the current license fee is anticipated to increase when our workload increases to support our Syndication and VOW.


o Generally, the Company may grant one (non-exclusive) license (not a franchise) on an annual recurring basis, to one Florida real estate broker, on a first come, first serve basis, to use (not sell or transfer), (as is, where is), one clone of our VOW, as an independent entity, in one Florida county, that’s restricted to the county of licensure, and mandatory to maintain the link to the other 66 licensed independent clones within our Syndication. The clone of our VOW has been developed to quickly and seamlessly link to all other clones in our Syndication. That was a bunch to digest!


o Generally, the Company has developed through substantial effort, research, time, and expense certain inventions, design concepts, methodologies, technical know-how, copyrightable material and trade secrets (intellectual property, “IP”) directed and related to our Syndication and VOW, all of which is confidential information. The clone of our VOW comprises nearly the same IP as our VOW, and we may grant a LTU the clone’s IP (i.e., the license).

o We maintain the rights, title, and interest in and to all IP and any modifications, enhancements, or derivative works of our IP that includes all real estate data, as it is derived from proprietary, original works of authorship of Company that may consist of information for which Company has sufficient rights to grant this license, and that is protected under United States copyright law.

The LTU our clone is subject to our Clone Linking Agreement (“CLA”), and Intellectual Property License Agreement (“IPLA”).


o A very modest investment to purchase a LTU a clone of our VOW may be all it takes for you to launch your stable career pathway. Essentially, our clone is intended to be like a ready-made business start-up kit combined with the license to use it. We believe that our clone will get you off to a great start. Add hard work, and customer focus, and it is amazing what can happen.

o The Company, (most likely Steven Lamar Thompson, Esq., CNMI) within a reasonable amount of time after payment of the initial license fee will spend 8 continuous hours of time (1 business day) with the licensing broker and specific individuals that are deemed appropriate (by video conference or otherwise at Company’s sole discretion) with the intent to put the broker in the best possible position to duplicate our business model and execute our strategies to kickstart the broker’s career.

During the 8 hours, the Company will disclose what makes our VOW tick, such as, revealing Company’s detailed marketing and business building plan that includes:

(1) confidential and proprietary intellectual property information, data and research, that reinforces Company’s competitive edge,
(2) trade secrets that are the heart of Company’s business model, such as, techniques, strategies, processes, and methods, and
(3) Excel spreadsheet that lists all of Company’s annual running costs, such as fees paid to third party vendors that are an integral part of operating Company’s VOW at the lowest price deemed possible after diligent research.


o Also, we provide a very unique and compelling opportunity for like-minded real estate brokers licensed in other U.S. states and territories to purchase a license to use (“LTU”) a clone of our VOW to kickstart and build a thriving real estate business in their state or territory of licensure. Brokers can duplicate our business model (State of Florida Real Estate Cloud Syndication, and VOW) to make it their own state or territory syndication, and VOW.

o It’s a unique opportunity in those states and territories because there are 49 states and a few territories in the United States that are available; therefore, only 49 +/- brokers may obtain a license (one license per state or territory). If interested, email Company at


STEP 1: Go to the 67 Florida Counties tab in the header of our VOW. Open the dropdown to see if your county is available to license. If you click on the county and it does not open, then that county “may” be available or “may” be pending where another broker is in the process of licensure. If the county opens, it will redirect to the county of licensure.

STEP 2: Take the time to read our Clone License Contract (“CLC”), Clone Linking Agreement (“CLA”), and Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”).

STEP 3: Pay the initial clone license fee to Pay Pal. Then Pay Pal will email us that you have paid the fee. Pay Pal will direct you to the page to sign the agreements.

IMPORTANT, immediately after your payment, please email to advise which county that you would like to license, and set a preliminary date and time to meet with the Company for 8 hours. We will contact you.

STEP 4: None.