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How do we advocate for real estate agents?

Simply said, we provide real estate agents with: (1) the competitive advantage while negotiating their commission-split fees with another broker to immediately opt-out on the spot and instead choose us to strengthen the grip on their wallet (the fair-shake); (2) the freedom of choice of whether to pay membership fees to associate with a Multistate Listing Service (MLS) or not; (3) vertical economic growth; and (4) a stable career pathway.

What is our VOW?

Our VOW is an open-networking, cloud-based, unique suite of on-demand real estate services that drives “shared” income to real estate brokers/agents and the public alike, 24/7, that also includes our next-generation (MLS).

What is our MLS?

Our MLS is where we store real estate sales related data that’s unique to Miami-Dade County (e.g., residential and commercial: For Sale By Owner flat fee type ads, Traditional Listing contract for commission, for rent/lease, auctions, and property details).

What is the State of Florida Real Estate Cloud Syndication?

There are 67 counties in Florida, and Miami-Dade County is where we operate our VOW (1 of 67).

To foster our real estate data syndication in the State of Florida through VOWs, we license the use of a clone of our VOW in the other 66 counties to real estate brokers on a first come, first serve basis (one license per county). Generally, each clone is a mirror image of our VOW with changes made throughout the VOW to reflect its designated company and county name.

Typically, VOW data syndication is a process in which data of the main transmitting VOW is distributed to various receiving VOWs to publish the main VOW’s data to the internet. Our VOW data syndication is very different. We do not distribute data to another VOW to publish our data on the internet. Instead, each of the 67 VOWs are “independent” (stand-alone), in that, each VOW publishes its own data that’s unique to its own county directly to the internet, “plus,” all 67 VOWs are “linked” to each-others’ VOW to form our closed-loop networking system, the State of Florida Real Estate Cloud Syndication. So, the link is the only connection to be part of and benefit from our syndication.