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Virtual Office Website (“VOW”), Miami Beach, Florida

In contemplation of growth, we are evaluating whether it is economically feasible to relocate our office to a different location in Miami Beach, and pooling a list of office manager candidates. If you’re interested read further.

Job Summary

The Manager:

o reports directly to Steven Lamar Thompson, Esq. (CNMI);

o must be able to outthink Steven, and make his life easier;

o must be experienced in the real estate sales industry “or” have a strong personality that differentiates them from others, and the grit and commitment to become proficient;

o must be the glue that holds our VOW together;

o must “not” be ordinary to nail this cool role;

o must want to do a kick-ass job of crafting cultures that attract, foster, and reward the best minds in the real estate industry, including themselves;

o must want to be part of our extraordinary effort to be “the” alternative solution that replaces the outdated real estate industry, which is anything but normal;

o  must want to be challenged to stretch the limit of their capabilities;

○ must not regurgitate the experiences listed on their Resume and be able to think from a unique analytical perspective;

○ must be able to deliver quantifiable results;

○ must be meticulous, organized, and detail oriented, nitpicking is very good;

○ must be able to make a good cup of coffee and keep it flowing, or know where to get a cup when time is of the essence, and

○ must operate or control nuclear reactors (i.e., move control rods, start and stop equipment, monitor and adjust controls, and record data in logs). Just kidding and making sure that you’re awake.

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