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Company’s Fee Schedule


(2 Options, 3 Possible Fees)

PARK LICENSE: ($50, one-time-yearly-fee)

o Remain active for a year without paying any other fees (e.g., an MLS), have access to 100% of our services to set up your next real estate transaction, and at the end of the year park your license again for another year, if you did not have a real estate transaction. Here, there is no pressure to pay for an MLS, etc. The Park License year starts on the day that you paid the fee.

TRANSACTING REAL ESTATE ($250, one-time-yearly-fee)

o During your park license year, “should you have” a real estate transaction, then and only then, must you sign our Independent Contractor Agreement available online “prior to” signing a transaction. Generally, a transaction means signing a listing agreement, landlord agreement, or otherwise.

o Upon signing our Independent Contractor Agreement, you upgrade from Park License status, to Transacting Real Estate where you are further engaging our broker services. Upon signing the Independent Contractor Agreement, you will be asked for a one-time-yearly-fee of $250. The Park License year (if applicable automatically ends), and the Transacting Real Estate year starts on the day that you signed our Independent Contractor Agreement. Here, we ask for the $250 fee because we understand that you are going to transact real estate and may get the $250 back into your pocket quickly (so you are not out-of-pocket for long).

o You may bypass the Park License fee, and instead pay the Transacting Real Estate fee should you want to transact real estate right away.

TRANSACTING REAL ESTATE (We only take 3% of your %, per transaction)

o When you earned a commission from a real estate transaction, we take 3% of your commission. Example: Your commission is $5000. Our commission is 3%. We take $150, you get the rest.

○ IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Prior to exercising the privileges under your real estate licence for any reason you understand and agree that you “MUST” first complete our Independent Contractor Agreement made available on our website, and pay the onboarding fee then in effect to unpark your license.

○ IMPORTANT NOTE 2: During the time period that you park your real estate license under our brokerage you understand and agree that YOU are solely responsible to maintain your license in active status with the DBPR (e.g., pay the DBPR its licensure fee and complete the required CLE timely).