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Agents' Speedy Email Blast

(Flat fee)


○ It’s very cost effective for you to blast 75,000+/- emails in 4 days+/- to your target audience of 75,000+/- brokers and agents in Miami-Dade County Florida with your advertisement that contains: (1) your email address, (2) a JPEG image of your property, and (3) the asking price of your property using our speedy email blast service. NOTE, we can add a link to a 360° Virtual Home & Drone Video.

○ Get aggressive and use our speedy email blast service. Don’t wait for someone to trip over your property listing. Instead, sell your property much faster by getting your property in front of buyers, other agents and brokers within 4 days.

○ We are the new normal in real estate sales.

○ We are very modern and want you to succeed and do well, that in turn, will bring us new business.

○ Tip to making a faster sale using our speedy email blast service is to advertise ONLY hot properties (owner very motivated) that are really priced to sell, and not a property that is “pie-in-the-sky” overpriced.

○ We will provide you, upon request, an analytical report, i.e., amount sent, email opens, click through to your email, unsubscribed, and sent to spam, etc. This way you can see our honest attempt to make you more successful.

○ Note that this is an advertisement that we are emailing on your behalf and we are not responsible for its content, in particular, the correctness of: (1) your email address, (2) the JPEG image of your property, and (3) the asking price of your property.



Make the $150.00 payment to Pay Pal.


After the Pay Pal payment is made we will get confirmation from Pay Pal and ask you to email us: (1) the asking price, (2) a JPEG image of the “one” property, and (3) your email address.


We will email you a copy of your advertisement to approve.


We blast (one-time) 75,000 +/- emails containing your advertisement to the target audience of 75,000 +/-, agents and brokers in Miami-Dade County, Florida.


When completed, upon request, we will provide you with an analytical report.